Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bobbin busters and reverse knitting

Another great craft club was had on Thursday evening.


Although home made cake was mentioned earlier in the week, night shift sleeping resulted in a quick dash to co-op for craft snacks. Home made nibbles next time!


So on with the crafting.....

Amy faced some fears by cracking open her sewing machine, and after some initially stressing.....


.....How the flip do bobbins work anyway???

She created some tip-top darts, and it won't be long before there is a fully wearable sewn-by-amy top!


In the meantime, I was getting on with crochet rabbit nĂºmero 2, which needs to be finished by Easter Sunday. Time is ticking.


Also this week, I have been doing to reverse knitting (surprisingly therapeutic)


Turning an old scarf (it was ghastly with my complexion) into a ball of yarn.......with hopes of finally turning it into a mummy sheep. How ironic?! As Mikey gleefully pointed out. It's to go with previously blogged about lamb.



Thursday, 3 April 2014

Bats and hats

Good craft club round our house this week, with the Esmeister and myself. I started work on my first sewn outfit from a proper paper pattern... so far it's taken me three days and I've only just cut out the pieces of the fabric. And that's WITH help from Sez-cat:

But I've been busy finishing off some knitting projects. I knitted a hat for Steve for his birthday, made from yarn from San Francisco, and some real Welsh wool, nice and chunky.

Also I finished a baby blanket. It's from a pattern called Wool Leaves and it's really lovely, lace knitting but with chunky yarn (I used 2 strands of Bergere yarn, bought from the great yarn shop in Cowbridge called La Mercerie. It ate up yarn; 8 balls it took!

And...I've just finished knitting a bat. A vampire bat, called Boo. Here he is! I love bats, and so does a friend of mine, so I knitted him for her new baby. The pattern is by Anna Hrachovec, and she has some awesome patterns of cute creatures, check out her website Mochimochi Land. 

It's the final of the Great British Sewing Bee next week, must make a special appointment to watch!