Sunday, 27 July 2014

Freebie craftclub challenge 2014

So we had the very first Miskin craftclub challenge last week. We shared out these.......

......which we had to whip up something of our choice with the contents

The clear winner was ( newest craftclub member) Steph, with a wonderful neon mug cosy/superhero anklet?!?! I think you'll all agree additional brownie points for making it match her current outfit!


Amy half made a little pocket redhead dolly, before being particularly unimpressed with the lack of instructions! Sorry about that.......I personally think she's pretty delightful,


And that's without a face. Nice fringe love.

All in all it was a rather pleasant craftclub. Especially being on tour in The wheatsheaf, llantrisant. We like what the new owners have done with the place.


Do you know who William Price is? No, I didn't either. But a quick glance on wiki shows he was quite a dude. Anyway, The wheatsheaf has an impressive mural in one of the back rooms. I didn't get a photo, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself. Honestly, it's worth the journey. And you can get a cardamom tonic while you're there.

Anyhow. I'm all for craft challenges, and looking forward to the next craft-off.




Sunday, 13 July 2014

The start of an obsession

When did you fully commit to being a sewer? Or knitter? Or crocheter?


During a holiday last week, whilst planning a picnic lunch, it was decided to use a quilt I had made which had been hanging out without a use in my car for months. Whilst the picnic was delicious, the use of the quilt made me think about how obsessed I have become with crafting, and how lucky I am to have the time to do something that I love.


The quilt was just a really quick project, where I used a jumble of roughly cut up clothes, which I sewed together over a few hours. It was before I had the confidence (and money) to go and buy material from a proper fabric shop (I mean - how are you supposed to know what and how to buy fabric anyway?) But it was made just after I finished my nursing course, and represents a change in my life, where suddenly I was allowed to spend my time sewing or crocheting or cross stitching, without the guilt of unwritten essays and revision nagging at the back of my mind. And all I can say is hallelujah to that! And it's nice to finally find a use for one of my scruffy home made projects.



Friday, 4 July 2014

Rules for the modern sewer

I stumbled across this on Facebook the other day:

What lovely pre-sewing advice! Of course Esme and I always have our powder and lipstick on before Miskin Makes sewing commences...

We decided to come up with some rules for the modern sewer. Here goes:

  • Necessary items before sewing begins: biscuits or other edible treats, tea, or if some instances wine
  • Ensure your cat is comfy
  • Leave the washing up/hoovering/dusting/other household chores, they will wait. Sewing will not.
  • High wattage lightbulbs (energy saving bulbs are all well and good, but it's hard to see in the romantic dimmed light!)
  • Good internet connection for checking patterns, but use Pinterest/Ravelry with caution: risk of major precious time wastage. Facebook OFF for the same reason. 
Do you have any good rules that should be added?