Thursday, 15 May 2014


Here's the famous top! My first sewn item from a pattern. I can't say it was easy...

...and the top looks a little big on me...

...and I'm not sure it's my colour...

But it's an achievement all the same, thanks to a lot of help from my partner in craft, Esme.
Proud, moi? 

It's from a Burda style pattern. Not super-easy to follow, I must say, but the next thing I make should be done a whole lot quicker, as I've learned some of the lingo now! 

And here's that book everyone in Miskin Makes is talking about...

Esme! Two blog-posts in one day, oh my! 

Drones and Spanners and Crafting in the Deli

Wow, so let's update on Miskin craftclub from the last few weeks. A lot has happened, this is just the highlights.


We had an interesting craftclub night at Amy's house which turned out to be fairly masculine in fact. Firstly, Mikey joined in with the crafting with some birthday Konstructor and made a mighty fine miniature drone, with it's very own controller pad. NEAT!



While the drone was being constructed, Amy was cracking on with her top she's sewing, but had a bit of an issue with a dodgy needle, and a whole lotta man-tools were brought in for damage control.

Needless to say, it was lucky we had some vino to sooth the frustration, and it was a great craftclub.



Last week was controversial - morning craft? In the Pontyclun deli! Undoutably, our breakfast was going to be epic.


Craft was put aside for a short while, when Lego on the PS4 deviated our concentration. Fun, but not craft!
And, last but not least, great craft was done on Tuesday 13 May too, when the lovely Bethan joined us.

I've recently had an urge for some new jewellery, so took along my tin of beads.

And Beth wowed us with her free-form dressmaking technique, (how very chinello?!). Although smiling for the camera is evidently not her strong point!

And NEWSFLASH! Amy finished her top! She is officially a sewing queen! It looks fantastic, and also a triumph she was able to get to the end of such a puzzling pattern - (Baste? Like a chicken? What?!)

Adios for now......I'm just going to go and read the new Tilly book.