Thursday, 5 February 2015

Through the buttonhole, part 2

So, Esme showed you round her craft corner. Here's mine, also newly completed, in my spare bedroom. I took a trip to Ikea, looked at lots of desks and shelves, then realised when I got home that with a bit of rejigging I already had the things I needed at home, so didn't have to spend any money. 

So I have an old display cabinet that's great for displaying some cool china and trinkets that I've collected, but also has space to put things away, and a great 1960s desk with leather top that was being chucked out at some offices and my father in law rescued. Also CD shelves that are great for displaying the cool yarn.

Here's my Ikea sewing machine, ready for action:

And some cool bunting I got for Christmas, with my current favourite knitting and sewing books:

Pretty neat! Of course I always seem to end up actually crafting downstairs in front of the telly, or with my Miskin Makes pals, but it's great to have somewhere to keep it all together and show it off.

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